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Monday Mini-Lesson: Sales Order <--> Purchase Order Link

Distribution suite of Acumatica has a helpful feature useful for auditing and complicated Sales Order and Purchase Order links. Let’s see how it works.

I start by creating a Sales Order. Notice that the PO Link button is disabled and the Mark for PO is also disabled (unchecked):


At this stage, because I checked Mark for PO, the PO Link button is enabled. Next, I click Create Purchase Order to quickly create a PO for this SO (and link it together as we will see).


I hit Process All to automatically create the Purchase Order:


On the Purchase Order itself, I can click the View SO Demand button and see the Sales Orders linked to this particular item:


Going back to the originating Sales Order, the PO Link button shows me the Purchase Orders linked to this particular item. I can link and unlink the item to any other Purchase Order:

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Acumatica Reporting Tools Architecture

For all your accounting and BI needs Acumatica has 3 types of reports:

  • Financial Report Writer (ARM) reports:
    • High-end, easy-to-make accounting reports for the non-technical.
    • Entirely made and used in the web app: no need to leave your browser or phone to make modifications.
  • Generic Inquiry Designer (GI) reports:
    • Customized entirely in the web app.
    • OData compatible SQL queries on training-wheels… No need to leave your web app to make easy, on-the-go SQL queries!
  • Acumatica Report Designer reports:
    • Much more customizable.
    • Designer is similar to Crystal Reports.
    • Exportable as Excel or PDF directly from the web app.

Here is some architectural information about the three:


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Why Choose Acumatica ERP?

Is everything transparent and efficient in your business? Make it so by using Acumatica Cloud ERP. Cloud ERP is a must for survival in this competitive world where you must have the ability to rapidly respond to changing business requirements. You are provided with everything you need to manage your business in one integrated web-based ERP solution. You just need to have an internet connection to access it anywhere and anytime.


Reasons to choose Acumatica Cloud ERP:

  • Implementation is quick and easy
  • Less uses of memory
  • Global access to real time data
  • Very fast to access
  • Upgrades are seamless and inclusive
  • Mobility
  • High security
  • Cloud ERP allows businesses to customize applications, reports and business processes

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Barcodes in Acumatica ERP

Looking for a barcode system and accounting system/cloud ERP?

For this, Acumatica ERP has the Cross-Reference, sitting right on the master item list:

Customer Part Number, Vendor Part Number, Global, and the hailed Barcode can all be placed directly in the Cross-Reference tab–as many as you want.

From here, any report can be easily made to show the Barcode that said item belongs to.

Some other advanced things possible are creating an auto-generated QR code linking directly to the Items screen or even having the images of the item show on the report.

Below is a report I made with a (1) QR code link, (2) item’s Barcode, and (3) pictures attached to the Item Master:


Images and barcodes can be integrated with any other system… the sky is the limit.

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