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Monday Mini-Lesson: Schedule an Acumatica E-Mail Report

While you are getting your morning coffee, you would like to see a report of critical items, stock shortages, overdue customers, internal activities, etc. …  and in HTML format.

With Acumatica, this schedule is very easy to create and modify (once the report is built). Below is an example using the “Daily Activity Summary” report I created.

  1. Go to the report just as if you were going to run it. Fill in the email information and click Save Template, giving your template a name.
  2. Click Schedule Template. The schedule  will automatically be pre-filled with the necessary Conditions. Set a timing for the schedule in the Dates and Hours tab and click save…


… And you’re done! The report will automatically be sent to email at the designated time like so:


Thanks for reading. Leave a comment or contact us below for a demo.

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