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Monday Mini-Lesson: Emailing an Order

In Acumatica ERP, Quotes and Sales Orders–and any custom Order Types you may have setup–are all sent through the Sales Order screen.
Here is my filled out Sales Order:


Now… how do I email this to the customer?

  1. Click Reports > Print Sales Order/Quote. The report will show. Click Send. The email will show with attached report and fields auto-filled from the configured report file. You may modify the Message, To, CC, BCC, or any of the fields before clicking Send.
  2. Click Actions > Email Sales Order/Quote. The email will be automatically generated and sent as shown above.

After the message is sent out and the customer receives it, this is what the customer will see (if they use Outlook):


If you need to internally review all the emails sent out, go to the Sent screen and you can see that as well. You can filter and sort things as usual here.


Hope you enjoyed all that. Feel free to comment or contact us below.


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