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Release of Prepayment in Accounts Receivable document

Hi All,

I want to share an example how we can applied  and  release a prepayment in Accounts Receivable document. We can applied it either fully or partially depends on our company scenario or on customers demand.

So lets start it:

Create a Sales Order > Confirm the Shipment > Create the Invoice and release it.


Then goto Payments and Applications screen > select the Prepayment document type from the drop down. (See in attachment) > on the Documents to Apply tab of the Payments and Applications form select the Invoice  reference #  for which you want to do the prepayment .

If you want to do full payment as prepayment then leave the Amount Paid field as it is or for Partial prepayment decrease the Amount paid > save  and release it.



Comment below if you have any Questions . Thanks for reading.

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