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Monday Mini-Lesson: Sales Order <--> Purchase Order Link

Distribution suite of Acumatica has a helpful feature useful for auditing and complicated Sales Order and Purchase Order links. Let’s see how it works.

I start by creating a Sales Order. Notice that the PO Link button is disabled and the Mark for PO is also disabled (unchecked):


At this stage, because I checked Mark for PO, the PO Link button is enabled. Next, I click Create Purchase Order to quickly create a PO for this SO (and link it together as we will see).


I hit Process All to automatically create the Purchase Order:


On the Purchase Order itself, I can click the View SO Demand button and see the Sales Orders linked to this particular item:


Going back to the originating Sales Order, the PO Link button shows me the Purchase Orders linked to this particular item. I can link and unlink the item to any other Purchase Order:

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