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Use the Boon of Field Change Automation Notifications

Can you think of a situation in your business when you needed to know that a specific field was changed? Did you waste time checking for updates?

Or when any Sales Orders goes off Hold and became ready for you to buy/build/service?

When a specific Lead had a follow-up note from your sales representatives?

When there is any AP Check created more than $1,000?

The possibilities are endless but surely, you can do these through Business Intelligence tools like SQL queries, report designers, PowerBI dashboard items or the much better alternative to SQL in Acumatica: Generic Inquiries. But these can all be costly options that do not address the underlying need: to be notified exactly when a specific change occurs.

This is where Acumatica’s Automation Notification feature comes in: an even simpler but powerful method to get those needed notifications.

Automation notification empty.
You can use this form to configure private and public notifications about record changes.
Private notifications are configured to be received by only particular recipients.
Whereas, public notifications are configured for typical changes that might occur in documents of a specific type, and users can sign up to receive notification emails about these changes in particular documents.
You can create and use email templates with data fields that pull from the actual entry you are monitoring. An entire report can even be sent for the entry, in PDF format or even light-weight HTML that you see on the email itself.